Childhood Memories

7 Jan

As a young child, my family and I would go to many festivals during the hot summer days. My parents would dig my trusty Red Ryder Wagon from the storage and I knew exactly where we were going. I was always thrilled to be pulled around in that wagon. My parents would pack a cooler with what I now know as the “fun stuff” a.k.a beer and drape a blanket over the cooler.

Why the blanket you ask? It was a comfortable backrest, duh!

Or maybe a way for my parents to sneak beer into the festival, because what security guard would want to make my sweet face get up out of the wagon to check the cooler?!

Man, they were smart.

So here, we would be at these festivals, sitting under a shaded tree if possible, or sweating profusely in the blistering sun. I didn’t have a care in the world, sitting there with my elephant ear, beef on a stick, a snow cone, and whatever else I could get my hands on. I ate as if the calories would never catch up with me boy, was I wrong!

As soon the band would start playing, my parents would get up and start dancing. They would shake their groove things to any beat. Especially my Mom, my Dad he would try but his hips didn’t move like my mom’s. Then I would hear it…

”Your my brown eyed girl”

My mom would yank me up and hold my hands so I could dance, as she sang to me. Here I am probably 3 years old; shaking my ass a mile a minute, picture that. It should be easy given that to this day I still love to dance around like nuts!

I heard this song today while driving in the car, and almost had to pull over just so I could get out and dance. However, I contained my excitement and stuck with dancing in the car as best I could.

Each time I hear this song, I always think back to these childhood memories. Thanks Mom, for turning me into a dancing fool!


Welcome to the Family

28 Dec

Announcing the newest edition to my life

Born: December 24, 2010 at 10:38

Length: 3 inches

Weight: 12.1 Mega Pixels

Name: Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS

Stay tuned for the moments captured!

To Blog or Not to Blog?

8 Dec

So as some of you know, I have been blogging for my Advanced Creative Writing class this semester. At first, I was apprehensive about blogging, because I thought it was very strange and I didn’t want people knowing information about my life. I had never read a blog before, that I knew of, and knew nothing about how to write for a blog. I thought, “Ok, I can get through a semester and then just stop blogging.”

Would I be right?

I began with figuring out what I wanted the blog to be about this was the easiest part. I knew I wanted to cover aspects of cooking, photography, and music. Next, was the difficult task of creating a catchy title. I was obsessing over this for what seemed like years. I constantly found myself, asking everyone what he or she thought I should name my blog.

My boyfriend would say, “Seriously it doesn’t matter, just choose something, it’s just a title!”

Hold on a second buddy, it’s NOT just a title; I wanted this to be perfect. Talking with my mom and sister, I was able to create the awesome title I am very proud to call mine!

After the title came, I knew I was going to have to start writing descent posts to gain people’s attention. Let me just tell you, I was terrified to write my first blog post, kind of, like when a Chiwawa sees a German Sheppard. This is probably why my first post was a picture.

After I began writing and realizing I could write catchy posts, I was extremely thrilled. The feedback I received from friends and family was very encouraging.

Which brings me to what I thought was going to be a no brainer in the beginning of the semester, which proves to be false. I will continue to blog because I have found great joy in writing and find this as a way to reflect on my days and to share memories with people.

Thank you Advanced Creative Writing for sucking me into the blogging world, as if I were toilet paper being sucked away!

Sausage Arms

7 Dec

Imagine the little boy from the movie A Christmas Story, who falls in the snow and cannot get up because he is packed tight into his snow clothes. Well now imagine me standing up with the same feeling. This morning I decided to wear a sweater, because it feels like the arctic here in the Midwest. I also get cold, so I like to bundle up so I can be somewhat comfortable.

So, this sweater was pretty thick, kind of like thick cut bacon. I have a pea coat that I like to wear in the winter, because it is warm. I thought for sure that I would have no problems wearing both of these together. Well I was completely wrong, because I was absolutely stuffed into this coat. I was afraid to button it closed, for fear I was going to get a button in my eye.

I managed to button it shut and proceeded to leave the house to warm my car up. Every morning I call my mom to chitchat before class. I reached into my bag to get my phone and dialed my mom. As I called her, we talked about the Tastefully Simple party she went to last night, the eleven hours of much needed sleep I got that night, and what plans she had for the day.

During the conversation I kept switching the phone between ears, like a child shifting their weight because they have to use the bathroom. I had to keep doing this because my arms kept feeling funny.

We were on the phone for no more than fifteen minutes.

Here is how the end of our conversation went:

                “Mom I have to let you go, my arms are starting to fall asleep.” I said abruptly.

                “Hahaha!” All my mom could do was laugh.

The combination of my sweater and coat caused my circulation to get cut off and make my arms fall sleep. I sat in the car for the next few minutes until the needle-sharp pain went away. I was relieved when I got to class, because my arms didn’t have to be smashed like sausages in their casings anymore.

This Week’s Grooveshark…or Bootyshark

7 Dec

Do you ever have songs that make you want to dance? Well that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling this week. Every time certain songs come on in the car or on my Grooveshark, I immediately start dancing my buns off or in the car, it’s my arms.

I always have music playing, no matter if I’m doing schoolwork, making dinner, or cleaning the house. Music is a staple in my life, just as pasta is for other people.

When I’m making dinner and a good dancing song comes on, I use the utensils or appliances as props. Plastic spoons and towels are flying in the air as I spank the side of the stove as if it were a drum set. My boyfriend always laughs at me, and looks at me as if I were nuts. Nevertheless, that’s just what music does to me.

Some mornings when I drive to school, I dance in the car, not the “normal” banging the hand on the steering wheel, but instead fist pumping and shaking my hips as if I was on Jersey Shore. I get all kinds of looks from other drivers; it’s priceless to see their reactions.

The songs I picked this week are ones I’ve heard a lot lately, either because they are popular songs on the radio played 50 times an hour, or because I chose to put them on at home on my Grooveshark. Listen to each of these songs and I hope they make you shake your booty, just as they do mine!

Black Eyed Peas- The Time (The Dirty Bit)

Katy Perry- Firework

P!nk- Raise Your Glass

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

5 Dec

This weekend began at a thrift store, rummaging through a million clothing racks looking for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater. As I tore through all of the clothes looking for the perfect sweater, I gazed up to see how many other people were looking for an ugly sweater. To my surprise, more than half of the customers were looking for sweaters. I felt like it was a race to find the best one, because I didn’t want someone to get an uglier sweater than me.

We not only had to find sweaters for ourselves, but we also had to find one for one of our guy friends. I didn’t think we were going to find one for each of us. I mean how many ugly Christmas sweaters are out there?!

My boyfriend and I spotted racks of clothing fresh from the back sorting rooms, we looked at each other, and our eyes said it all, “Let’s look on there”. We walked slyly to the racks and began hunting for the best sweater. Every once in a while, I would glance over my shoulder to see if anyone saw the jackpot we hit. We had so many choices of ugly sweaters!

Once we chose the perfect sweaters, we jumped in line to check out. As we stood in line, we looked at the sweaters everyone else was carrying. None of them was as good as the ones we found! Oh and did I mention they were only $9.00, what a bargain on three ugly sweaters!

After the thrift store, we had to find Christmas decorations to wear in addition to the sweaters. I thought we could just wear Santa hats, but instead I found reindeer antlers! My boyfriend chose the Santa hats for him and our friend and I went with the antlers. We also made bell necklaces for each of us to wear. They completed our look to a T!

Let’s just say I found a new love for ugly Christmas sweaters.

Here are the gems we found at the thrift store!

Fractured Reflections

1 Dec

I’ve had you for the past 5 years, always tucked tight in my purse, backpack, or pocket. You have been there to capture funny moments, embarrassing moments, and moments I will remember forever.

Remember last Thanksgiving when the oven caught on fire and the fire department came, or when I dressed up in ridiculous clothes at my sister’s house. Oh and can’t forget the beautiful moments you captured of my family in our   backyard.

You were always there when I needed you most. Well for the most part, sometimes you would be in coma and not catch a fabulous shot. Maybe this was the users fault, but I would always blame it on you.

Even though you came into my life 5 years ago, I was just starting to get more advanced with your all of your gadgets. You could sneak up on any animal and catch them in their prime, without scaring them away. I was always amazed at how you did this. I could shake you up and down as if I was a three year old shaking my favorite doll and you would still have caught the perfect shot.

Sorry for dropping you on your face causing you to bend your lens, I never thought our relationship would have ended like this. It was such a careless move on my part, but nonetheless you are gone. I will have to wait until the day I can capture more of my moments in life. Thanks for always being there my dear friend, Olympus FE-230.